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Our Mission is to drive rapid profits for Cannabis Producers by solving the most challenging issues with starting and operating a cultivation facility.


  • Variable Speed HVAC - Complete Reliability. Includes a 10 Year Warranty. Capitalize on rebates with leading system efficiency.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Controls - Easy to monitor and control your grow from anywhere.
  • Air Blenders - Perfect Consistency of Temp, RH, and CO2. Eliminate the risk of mold growth.
  • Save Money and Reduce Waste - We'll help you optimize your grow by utilizing heat recovery (cold climate) or by adding solar cooling.
  • Build Smarter - Save grow room space with ductless systems, integrated CO2 controls, alarms, exhaust and more.
  • Maximize Plant Health - Eliminate contaminants such as mold, dust and bacteria, reducing the potential for crop infection.

30% to 60%

Reduction in Setup Costs

Save Money Setting Up Your Grow

20% to 80%

Reduction in Utility Costs

Save Money Running Your Grow





Save on Setup

Reduce Start Up Costs

  • Rebates
      Technology incentivized with rebates by utility providers.
  • Tax Credits
      Federal and local tax credits to offset costs.

Reduce Utility Costs

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Renewable energy
      Solar, wind and water applied to improve the efficiency of your grow.
  • Disruptive technology
      Mobile technology to control and monitor your grow.

"If you’re exploring environmental control options for your grow talk to these guys before some “expert” sends you down a dead-end road."

Managing Partner | High Mountain Health

MEP Engineering Services


EasyRoots provides best-in-class cultivation facility design and engineering services for architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing system implementation.


EasyRoots provides smart and efficient systems, equipment, and technology integration and implementation offered nowhere else in the market.

Contractor Support

Negotiating with contractors can be a challenge. Our process will provide guidance to drive down costs by sourcing bids.


Running your technology optimally leads to quicker profits. EasyRoots is not just an equipment supplier, but a resource for your business.


We offer the best technology combined with extensive Cannabis cultivation experience to drive results:

  • Average setup cost savings $175K
  • Average time to market reduction 4.5 Months
  • Significant increase in sales with earlier opening
  • Savings from three of our most recent projects:

Customer Spotlight

EasySun System

Climate Control for Warm Weather Climates

EasySun Systems connect Solar Technology directly to your HVAC, with easy to incorporate upgrades that dramatically improve cooling performance. Learn more about VRF HVAC. Learn more about solar cooling.

Customer Spotlight

Flagstaff, AZ

  • Northern Arizona
  • 70 Tons of Solar HVAC
  • Over 100K Tax Credit
  • Top HVAC Efficiency

EasyCool System

Climate Control for Cold Weather Climates

EasyCool Systems provide free cooling and heating capabilities, while maintaining a sealed grow environment for optimal performance at lower costs. Learn more about free cooling.

Customer Spotlight

Benton Harbor, MI

  • Western Michigan
  • 250 Tons of Heat Recovery
  • Max Rebate Earned
  • Free Heating for Facility

"We would not have opened if it was not for EasyRoots expertise. We were the first cultivation facility to open in our region and the first to gross over $1M in our state's history. That only happened because our startup costs were a fraction of what most pay."

Owner & Grower | Calm N Collective